Sunday, July 25, 2010

zippity do dah!

I used to be terrified of invisible zippers ... that was when I tried to use the plastic foot sold next to the zippers at the fabric store.  Then I invested in one of the metal feet that snaps onto the sewing machine (mine is Janome).

The current problem project is a skirt that will have its waistline gathered into a fitted waistband with a 3" ruffle at the hemline.   The challenge is not the pattern but the fabric.  It is a beautiful knit -- not slinky -- but more of a jersey with some lycra in it.  I was afraid that if I put in a lapped zipper that the topstitching would ripple.  I was also afraid that even using an invisible zipper would cause ripples.

I am so happy with the way the zipper installed that I just have to show you!  I cut some strips of fusible knit interfacing, one inch wide even though I am using a 5/8" seam allowance.  The zipper sewed in so nicely with no hint of a ripple. 

If you didn't see the zipper pull as a clue, could you find the zipper?

Now the next challenge is stabilizing the waistband and finishing up another garment for the style show.

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Jean said...

Seeing the skirt in person today, I was amazed at your pucker-free zipper in that stretchy-smooshy knit fabric. There's not one hint that there's a zipper there except for the pull tab. I couldn't have done it. Jean