Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making progress ...

Which do you want to see first?  The last test garment or some finished final garments?

Here is a test armhole princess dress with an envelope collar.  I just pinned the bead trim along the bottom of the collar to get an idea of the final effect, but it will be sewn into the real collar.  My dress form is not the same size as the model who will be wearing this so please don't judge the fit ... and this is a quick 'n dirty test so I didn't spend a lot of time on technique --

Now for three of the finished garments. The model who will be wearing these is slightly larger than my dress form, so the shoulder length and bust depth are throwing off the draping a bit.   First the cardiwrap -- once I got the matching thread, I was very happy with the shell stitch I used as the edging. 

This next top was one where I got to do some creative problem solving.  Problem -- not enough fabric!  Solution -- using strips of fabric from the skirt (that you haven't seen yet) to bind the neckline and armscyes.  Hopefully that won't come off as "matchy matchy" but "nicely coordinated."

Now for the last blouse -- it has something we call a "picket" sleeve ... like a picket fence.  This one happens to have a ruched picket that will coordinate with a picket skirt.  For this picture I did pad out the dress form's shoulders so the blouse would hang a little nicer.

The print of this batik was playing tricks on my eyes -- as I was pressing I would think I saw wrinkles that weren't really there.  At least it didn't require any matching!
 Now I think I'll have some coffee and a crisp made with peaches from last Saturday's farmer's market.  Wish I had more of a tomato-cucumber-onion-parsley salad that I had at lunch.  Oh well, dessert will have to do!

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