Friday, July 9, 2010

Test garments

These are two variations on the TCC cardiwrap pattern and I made them just to be able to send them off to the models to make sure that our design choices will have the desired effect when worn in the style show.

The first is for a 4-yr old model and I was practicing using my shell stitch.  I didn't have any child-sized hangers so had to use a pants hanger. I doubt that she'll look as much like a linebacker as this picture.

The second is for an young adult and the test is made from a soft challis.  You can see that we went for a dramatic effect on the front hemline.  Wouldn't this be cute with a white scooped neck tank and white skinny jeans?

I used the shell stitch to finish this hemline also -- and didn't measure how many miles ... I mean inches that was (including the sleeves).  I played a little more with the machine settings and got more of a pronounced "shell" tuck on this.  For both I trimmed close to the stitching with duckbilled scissors for a nice edge.

On the challis I used 5/8" strips of interfacing to stabilize all the edges and control the bias a bit.  Maybe the shell effect would have been softer without it, but I was afraid I'd get some nasty curls.

I've decided that for my personal "booth wear" I will coordinate three tops and three bottoms and make a cardiwrap out of a coordinating fabric that can be worn with each.  Novi, Michigan, in September can be chilly, temperate, or hot ... so that will give me options and also allow for cranked up, moderate, or struggling AC.

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Jean said...

They're all so interesting, Gayle. The little wrap for the 4-year-old is adorable. I'm looking forward to seeing everything. Jean