Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pants! Pants!

Two pair of pants finished except for the hems ... not certain which shoes I'll wear so am going to hem those next week.

No pictures -- pants on a hanger is a pretty boring picture and I don't feel like posing for the camera today.

I used The Complete Clothier Fitted Pants Draped and made them almost at default except for using the ankle ease and leg shaping tool to get a straight leg.

Pair 1 is the medium brown herringbone with an invisible zipper in the side seam, and those went together with only having to recut the waistband once. I had one too many interruptions and didn't follow my dad's advice of measure twice cut once .... so I had to measure twice, cut twice -- lucky for me I had enough fabric.

Pair 2 is dark brown and almost had to be capris. There wasn't as much fabric as I thought I had but with some forethought was able to flip one pattern piece over and get them cut out of approx 1 2/3 yd of fabric, even allowing for the nap. Sewing was a bit challenging this morning. I had changed to a sharp microtex needle but after sewing all the darts and putting in the zipper 3 times I was not happy with the tension. First time I didn't interface the seam allowance. Second time I did interface the seam allowance. Third time I put paper under the seam.

SO ... after ripping the zipper again I took a look at the darts and wasn't happy with the tension there either ... out came the 8 darts. Next tried a universal needle size 12. Next tried a universal size 14. Finally with the size 14 tried adjusting the tension. VOILA! back in business. After that everything went together just fine. And I realized that the fabric was heavier than I first thought so they will be good all winter.

Now to cut out the green pants.

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