Monday, September 7, 2009

Fabrics for my SWAP

...that's Sewing with a Plan

My thought for southern Michigan the end of September was to make pants, short-sleeved tops/blouses, and jackets ... so if we have a hot week I won't roast and if the weather or the AC is cool, the jackets will take care of any chill. I may decide to make the sleeves 3/4 length but they will all be a basic straight sleeve since that is my favorite to wear.

Long story short -- I found lots of nice matches and can make do for the three days with three pairs of pants (dark brown, medium brown, and sage green), one jacket (tweed of dark brown, medium brown, sage green, off white, and a little aqua if you look really hard), and three blouses/tops. I found several fabrics for the tops so will make three for Novi and the rest for my fall wardrobe.

Outfit 1 is the jacket with dark brown pants and a light green twist top that will be worn with a light beige camisole.

Outfit 2 is the jacket with medium brown pants with a tropical print (but fall colors) that will make a collared shirt.

Outfit 3 is the jacket with the sage green pants and a butter yellow textured knit that will be a cowl top.

Other tops are a satin with a fun print of cologne bottles that will be a ruched neckband blouse, a mossy green slinky for a pleated shoulder cowl top, and a couple other prints that I have pulled from the stash but haven't decided a pattern yet.

progress report -- the medium brown pants are cut out .... ready to sew ....

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Jean said...

These outfits sound great and the fabrics are just right. I'm looking forward to seeing them.
Diva Jean