Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Canine Couture

I actually thought I had posted the second jacket --so here it is now.

Of course Louis fell between two sizes.  Of course even though the pattern had several views, his owner wanted the hood and short sleeves -- so that just meant using the hood from view G and sewing that instead of a collar onto view F.

Here's a link to the pattern  McCalls 5776

The fabric for this was taken from a little dog "blanket" that I bought at JoAnn's on Halloween clearance -- the black with the white bones ... perfect!  And of course, I just saw it as fabric.  With the sale price on the fleece with a sale pattern ... this little jacket cost only $2.25 out of pocket.

I tried to keep the blanket stitching edge wherever possible, using that for the hood and the sleeve and coat hems.  When we had the first "fitting" I realized that it would be a poor choice for the sleeve hem since the toe nails were likely to catch and the jacket itself was too long.  So the sleeves got turned up with a little cuff and stitched and the shirt itself was shortened.

We also decided that the underside would need to be scooped a bit more so that it stayed dry -- those alterations were done with scissors until we were happy with the fit.

Talk about a custom garment!  And a perffect contrast for his fur. 

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