Sunday, January 9, 2011

brrrrr, it's cold outside

I was sorting through some of my remnants and two ended up together in the pile and said "Make something with us!  We think we belong together!"

It was a pink fleece and a wild t-shirt knit.  So the fleece became a darted t-shirt from my TCC pattern and the knit became a binding around the neck, sleeves, and hem.

I wanted to make the binding wide enough so enough of the coordinating pink was visible and made a conscious decision to "bulk" it up so it would add some dimension.  On hindsight, after wearing it, I think the bindings are a bit heavy and now wish I'd used a different technique.  There's always the "next" one.

However it meets the following criteria:  It fits.  It is warm.  It is cheerful.

What more could I ask?  

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