Monday, August 9, 2010

Remember the tune to "Age of Aquarius"?

Oh flash back to the late 60s!  I was in the grocery this morning, buying some goodies for a gourmet breakfast for my son who is 21 today.  I decided to adapt an asparagus-Gruyere cheese quiche that I had at the BonBonerie the other day as scrambled eggs instead.

As I was walking through the produce section thinking -- asparagus -- asparagus -- I realized that the piped-in music was playing the Age of Aquarius ... how timely ... start humming now ... so of course, in my head it became

This is the dawning of the Age of Asparagus
The Age of Asparagus
A-spar-a-gus! A-spar-a-gus!

 Oh yes, I know it -- I am such a dork!  But it made me smile ....

Click here if you don't know the tune  (not sure if it will play enough -- you get to listen once)

The eggs were great along with a little rosemary focaccia and a side of goetta (a Cincinnati treat, pronounced, getta) which is a sausage-like meat that has pin oats as part of the mix.

Pluse we have enough extra to have roasted asparagus later today, his favorite veggie.

The end of an era for me -- the last of my babies to turn 21!  Next milestone is when he finishes that college degree ...

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