Saturday, August 21, 2010

the Good, the Bad, and the .....

FINISHED!  Another outfit for the style show!

  • 3 more garments are checked off as DONE!  (actually 4 since I made a half slip to go under the skirt)
  • challis -- beautiful drape, lovely ruffles
  • chiffon -- beautiful drape, great as a wrap
  • colors -- luv em!
  • a rotary cutter, a ruffler, and a serger -- lifesavers
  •  challis -- lovely to wear but not as much fun to cut --garment pieces weren't too bad, but for stability I pinned the fabric to tissue paper before cutting strips for the ruffles
  • chiffon -- lovely to wear but NO fun to cut -- again, more tissue paper used to stabilize the fabric even after I had given it a hefty dose of heavy duty spray starch and pressing (tip: cover the ironing board cover first with an old towel)
  • 222" of ruffle -- need I say more? (that's 18.5 feet or 6.167 yards)
  • print -- a one-way print so had to make sure the tulips were used so they are supported by their stems and not hanging from them
  • fabrics that look "almost" the same on the right/wrong, fashion/reverse sides ... close enough to get them mixed up, different enough that every seam was checked twice before stitching
  • 45" fabric -- could only get one cardiwrap front out at one cutting so more work to stabilize and keep it all from dragging off the cutting table
 The FINISHED  (one of the most "beautiful" words in the language)

A sleeveless shell, a gathered skirt with a shaped hemline and 5" ruffle at a 3:1 ratio and rolled hemline (both top and bottom of the ruffle), and a cardiwrap with a shell edging.

There are a couple options for wearing this cardiwrap, I think our model will probably tie the front.

I should have pressed this again before taking the pictures but promise to do so before the style show.

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