Friday, October 30, 2009

The Bishop method

I've heard of "the Bishop method" and it has been mentioned on some of the sewing lists I read. So I decided I needed to get a copy of the book and see what it is all about.

In reading the history in the preface of the book (from inter-library loan) c1966, 1959 I have come to the conclusion that my mother was not taught the Bishop method but that she and Edna Bishop were probably kindred spirits.

Mom was mostly self-taught but she also worked for a time in a sewing factory as a sleeve setter (in either the 30s or the 40s).

I think I am going to enjoy this book because the Preface states:

The Bishop method embraces the following fundamental principles:
Grain perfection
Accuracy in preparing, cutting, and marking fabric
Perfection in stitching
Perfection in pressing

So this new adventure is off to a good start!

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