Friday, January 23, 2009


Working on those resolutions!

Here is the first apron that satisfied Resolutions #4 & #5.

It is a simple apron from TCC's Accents that I was testing and will take with me to Puyallup to display in our booth.

I added rickrack in the waistband seam and between pocket band and gathering and then again along the bottom of the apron. I also used a decorative stitch from my Janome 6600 (Mode 3, #66) that actually mimics the print of the pocket to attach the pocket and also to do the bottom stitching on the waistband.

The pocket is purposely put on a slant so that 1) I didn't have to align it to be perfect ... anything was correct and 2) it is easy to reach into with my right hand. It's a little pocket just for jewelry, rings; actually more for decoration than function since I rarely use pockets. The decorative stitch was also functional as well as pretty since I knew I would catch all the edges that needed to be caught w/o stressing over getting it "perfect."

A fun, functional garment for the kitchen!

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