Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tiptoe through the tulips?

My daffodils are up about 6" and I have crocus in bloom -- so it only seemed fitting to use tulips as the theme for these little capri pants.

I have had the pink striped fabric in my stash for probably close to 25 years and this was the project for it.  The ruffles have serged rolled hems.  For the appliques and pockets I again printed out the pattern pieces using the Scaling feature in Print Layout of The Complete Clothier program.  However, I did not cut out the pieces ... yet.

I traced the flowers onto Solvy (I used a fine point red sharpie since I didn't want black).  Then I placed that over the right side of the fabric -- and since I could see through the Solvy, I could turn as I wished to get the stripes the way I wanted them.  Next I just stitched around the flower with a small straight stitch on my tracing line .  Finally, I slit the Solvy and turned the flowers so the seams were now on the inside.  Using a steam iron, I pressed them into place on the front of the pants and then stitched them down using a smal zigzag stitch.  The process really was quick and easy.

For the pocket (large flower) I used two layers of fabric so that when it was turned, the Solvy would be in the center and the pocket was self lined.

The doll's appliques were left raw edged and single layer, even though I did trace the small flowers onto Solvy and used those as the patterns.  The were simply pressed to the pants and then stitched into place.

The little girl's pants have graduated sizes of tulips while the doll's are all the same size.  So while they match, I didn't try to duplicate them identically down to the last detail.

A tank top is planned to coordinate and even cut out, but I ran out of sewing time.  Maybe I'll work on it this week so they are ready for thext next exhibit.

FedEx?  Research is still pending and I am to call back later to check on the status.  And trust me, I will keep checking.

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