Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scarlett, eat your heart out!

Scarlett O'Hara may have had green velvet ... but did she have bead trim?

This is my last (hopefully) garment for the style show; there is possibility of one more but I am hoping that that one is canceled.

The particulars -- a TCC sheath dress with an envelope collar and a loose sleeve shortened to just above the elbow.

Some techniques I learned with this dress --

  • how to cut continuous bias strips
  • how to make piping
  • how to sew on beaded trim

Some other things I learned with this dress --

  • It probably is NOT a good idea to use home dec fabric (ie drapery fabric) for a garment -- no matter how it turned out for Scarlett.  I used a whole bottle of Fray Check around the cut edges before I even started to work with the fabric.  I was afraid that even the serger couldn't tame runaway ravels.
  • It probably is NOT a good idea to cut drapery fabric on the crossgrain just to get the slubs to run vertically in the garment.  Also, NOT a wise idea to cut the collar on the the straight of grain just to get the slubs to run horizontally.  It just seems right to have the the lines moving those directions -- but I fear for the drape (no pun intended) of the garment.  
  • A hem that has been cut on the crossgrain is going to need to be sewn by hand.  Trying to use the machine makes for ripples and ridges that should only be in potato chips.
The best thing I learned is either that I can tackle and conquer some ambitious tasks ... or .... how good it feels to be finished.

Right now, I have to say it feels GREAT to be finished.  When I rest up a bit I will put on my own garments so I can post those pics.

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