Monday, May 31, 2010


Obsessing -- over fit -- over measurements -- over a quarter of inch here, quarter of an inch there ....

I've been working on some summer items for my wardrobe and feel  very, very happy when I look at items in the mirror.  Then I take a pic ... and instead of that being short for "picture" I think it is short for "picky, picky, picky!"  

I have very comfortable pants and know that without my being a mannequin who has perfect measurements, perfect muscle (?) tone, and perfect posture ... I am not going to have a fit that appears "perfect."  Heck, even the mannequins use clips and pins in some probably very uncomfortable places.   My head knows that  but still I keep trying to improve.

So for now I think I really am definitely at a "good enough to be seen in public" stage.  And better than most that seem to be ahead of me in line at the grocery and other places where I have time to check out others' fit.

Those are pics of my test pair of capris -- the fabric is a bit lighter weight than I would normally choose but good enough for around the house.   They are pretty much at default from my TCC software.

Here is a fun summer skirt (just a little straight skirt) that I made from some printed denim.  I read that patterned (esp floral prints) are in for pants this summer.  I wasn't quite ready for that so decided to start with a little straight skirt and work my way to pants.

(I'm trying to get the next two pics to appear side by side ... )

The cool thing about the software is that if my measurements do change, I can change my measurement chart and print out a new pattern.  The skirt is great because my floor to waist measurements are taken at the back, side, and front -- so the skirt pattern is printed to be longer in the back, shorter in the front and then my hem is automatically level. You can also see that the back pattern better accommodates my, uh "assets."

So that's it for today.  Happy Memorial Day --  with a Thank You to everyone who has served in the military (my dad was a WWII Army vet, wounded in the Battle of the Bulge) or is currently serving.  God bless you!

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