Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Sewing -- part 1

I wanted to make something special for a few special friends and decided to use the jewelry bag pattern from my TCC software.  This was completely at default and when I make mine, I think I am also going to size it down to have a second, smaller bag for earrings only.

When open, this bag is 14" across and contains lots of little pockets to hold earrings, necklaces, bracelets ... whatever!

It also has a little padded bar that can hold your rings, hoop earrings, and bangle bracelets.

The fabric I used is great in person but havoc in the picture.  It is a brocade that is shiny satin on the right side and a lovely matte on the "wrong" side.  I used the matte for the outside of the bag and the top ruffle, and the lighter satin on the inside of the bag so it would be easier to see the pieces of jewelry. The matte side is one of my favorite shades of green (celedon) and the inside contrasts with a silver-ish white.

The first one I made at our April workshop is out of a floral cotton that is great to look at, but difficult to see the contents of my bag.  So I learned that the inside should be in light colors and a subdued print or solid color.

If you don't open the bag fully, you can set it on the dresser top and it acts as a nice little traveling jewelry box -- holding its shape while holding your treasures.  Here's another "aerial" view.

I didn't take time while I was making these to do step-by-step photos, but will try to do that with the one I make for myself.  I'd like to show all the cool tools and techniques I used in building the bags.  Meanwhile, all three of these have gone to good homes.

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