Monday, June 2, 2008

Another vintage top!

Thanks for all the kind comments and well wishes for my blog. I'm having a heck of a time today with getting the pictures aligned with the text. All is fine in the preview window and then things go wild after I "publish."

Today's entry is in keeping with the 70s theme, and this is a blouse where I did the embroidery. It was so easy and as I remember, fairly quick, to add the blanket stitch with contrasting thread to the yoke of this little blouse. It was one of my favorites to wear with jeans (bell bottoms, of course!).

Notice how nicely the top hangs and doesn't swing out at the sides? There is a center front and center back seam and the pieces are cut on the bias.

Somewhere in this post is a closeup of the hand work. (It's supposed to be at the right of this comment.)

The cut combined with the soft cotton made this a very comfortable top. Oh, to have those 20-y.o. arms again to wear this style! I have been having the urge lately to do some hand embellishment, but maybe something with sleeves.


knitgirl said...

Wow! Nice handwork!

Sue said...

If it's of any consolation I can't cope with the layout on blogger either"!! That embroidered blouse is beautiful BTW.

fashionista said...

i love this style,very cute!